Use of Energy Effectively - Green Energy

Tasks and responsibilities
according to the written project

Partners distributed their responsibilities and duties after prior communication with each other during the preparation of the application form. The allocation of tasks is based on understanding, respect and mutual trust. Partners are aware that the success of the project depends on the activity of each participating school and on the desire to cooperate with one another.

The coordinator Czech Republic will ensure coordination and communication among partners during the exchange. The Czech team will be responsible for the evaluation of project activities and products and will prepare the relevant forms and questionnaires. As a coordinator of the project, the Czech school will collect the two year project materials and will organize them in a booklet and DVD. It will also organize the first training for teachers. During this exchange, there will be a round table. The Czech school will prepare and implement problem solving through interactive method. It will also be responsible for finalization of the main project product - an interactive map.

The Turkish partner will organize the second training on this project, which will prepare the future managers and trainers, conduct training on alternative energy sources, do a research, prepare a report on state structures related to energy production and consumption and prepare a meeting-talk with a member of the Parliamentary Energy Commission. The partners came to the agreement for a second coordinator to be present who would fulfill the responsibilities of the coordinator in case of potential failure of the first one. Poland will organize the third training for teachers and students. During this exchange, a visualization of the future life on Earth will be simulated.

The Polish team will prepare and implement problem solving through interactive methods. It will also organize a visit to а photovoltaic and a wind park and a meeting with NGO on nature conservation. The Polish partner will undertake the task to develop the e-communication platform and its successful maintenance as well as a DVD movie with moments from the meeting. The Italian school will organize the fourth training for students and teachers. At this meeting the participants will develop models of renewable energy sources and products from recycled materials.
The Italian partner will also organize the project conference together with a photo exhibition ‘For a Clean World’. They will also prepare and implement solving of the next problem through interactive methods: Natural Elements and the Beginnings of the World.

The Romanian school will be host of the last training meeting. There through the interactive method, students will solve an eco issue. During the meeting, teachers and students will present their topic and subtopics. The Romanian team will take the responsibility to create and update project website. It will also be responsible for publishing the collection of students' essays.